How to Get a Free Premium VPS Without a Credit Card

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Free VPS

1. AppOnFly | 30 days | Windows |

2. AccuWebHosting | 30 days | Windows |

3. CloudSigma | 7 days | Linux, Windows |

4. NeuPrime | 10 days | Linux, Windows |

5. UpCloud | 3 days | Linux, Windows |

6. SauceLabs | 14 days | Windows, Android Emulators |

1. AppOnFly

AppOnFly has been on the market since 2005, has provided free trials to access most Windows applications on Cloud servers. We can access Chrome, Mozilla, Apache OpenOffice with this free trial right now. In 30 seconds we can create a free VPS on top of AppOnFly.


1 Month Free Trial

Free access to Chrome, Mozilla, Apache OpenOffice

Unlimited Access

Unlimited Bandwidth

Faster setting 30 seconds

No Credit Card required

Need about AppOnFly, no problem, we have created separate content for AppOnFly, FREE Windows VPS From AppOnFly | 30 Day Free Trial.

2. AccuWebHosting

AccuWebHosting has provided a free VPS Trial from its early stages. One of the most trusted sites in the market with great features. Their quick setup covers the operating system as well as any of the following applications – IIS Server, latest ASP.Net framework, Microsoft SQL database server, PHP with Fast CGI, mySQL database server, SmarterMail Mail server, etc.


1 Month Free Trial

No Credit Card Required

Hosted in USA data center


Requires Business Email to register no more than 6 Months older

ACCU Web Hosting

3. NeuPrime

NeuPrime’s main business in its target is Virtual Hosting, the main server is located in the city of Frankfurt (Germany). They provide high speed than others to be best in class. Servers can be manually scaled to requirements with any additional knowledge.


Free 10 Day Trial

Money back guarantee if free trial is not valid in some countries.

Fully automated management and maintenance

4. CloudSigma

CloudGigma provides a free high-performance Virtual Private Server (VPS) for 7 days. It will be useful for developers and those who use high speed servers for project work. Does not require any business mail to login like AccuWebHosting.


7 Days Free Trial

No Credit Card Required

High Performance Servers

5. SauceLabs

SauceLabs not only provides virtual servers with Operating System but also provides access to Android Emulators, Simulators and mobile devices. It just helps android app testers to run their apps with high speed server. How does that sound to you? If that sounds good to you, don’t wait to give it a try with their free VPS trial.


14 Days Free Trial

Emulators Android, iOS, Android Mobile, Windows

Instant access to 800+ desktop browsers & OS combos

6. UpCloud

Upcloud provides quality cloud servers with great customer support. It has 4 offices over 3 continents with great response time from their customer service with 1 m 37 seconds which is a very perfect support from Upcloud. Faster SSDs and flexible package rates make it better in the market.


Free 3 Day VPS Trial

Easy and Flexible


List of Free VPS Hosting Providers

Windows Azure –

(90 day free trial)

Amazon AWS EC2 –

(for 1 year)

Chunk Host VPS Hosting –

(14 days free trial)

Triple 8 –

(7 days free trial)

Zunicore Hosting –

(14 days free trial)

PhoenixNap Hosting –

(for one month, $50 credit when you sign up for a trial)

ServerLove Hosting –

(for one month)

Atlantic Hosting –

(for one month)

IBM Softlayer Hosting –

(for one month)

Sublime IP Hosting –

(5 days free)

Gandi Hosting –

(7 days free trial)

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