What Are the Things That Can Affect the Rise and Fall of Crypto Asset Prices?

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There are several things that affect the rise and fall of Crypto Asset prices, some of which are as follows:

The price of Crypto Assets depends on the balance of supply and demand. This is the law of the market. When a Crypto Asset is popular and in high demand then its price will go up. Vice versa, if supply is high while demand is low, the price will fall.

News or media coverage can affect the price of Crypto Assets. An example would be if there was news of an attack hacker on crypto serversor even good news about the increasing adoption and infrastructure behind crypto technology.

Crypto Asset price volatility is largely based on hype which often keeps interest high. A sharp drop in price could be affected by a post on social media and a deliberate utterance of a famous person in the Crypto Asset world. In the area of ​​Crypto Assets, news really has a significant influence on the situation on the market

The amount or quantity of the crypto asset itself. The volume of crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Etherium is still very small and the distribution is uneven so that the price value will be greatly influenced by the actions of the holders of these crypto assets in making sales or purchases.

Fear and Greed (Fear and Greed) Psychological factors, namely the fear and greed of the public can also affect the price of crypto. For example, the price of bitcoin began to move up much after a long time of no significant movement. This will cause the public to become greedy and buy more bitcoins in the hope that the price will rise even further.

The more Bitcoin buyers there are, the higher the Bitcoin price will go, and this causes more people to want to buy Bitcoin. When the price of bitcoin begins to touch its peak, many people want to make a profit by selling their bitcoins. The more people who sell bitcoin, the price of bitcoin will go down. The price that moves down causes fear (Fear) in the public, so that more and more people are selling bitcoins again.

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