The Right Trick to Get Unblocked by Whatsapp

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get unblocked by whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the most popular short messaging applications in recent years. Even the application, which has its headquarters in California, United States, has succeeded in making BlackBerry Messenger roll after dominating the short application market in the world for a long time.

In this article, we will try to review one of the special ways for those of you who have blocked their WhatsApp account. You can still find your blocked WhatsApp account. In the way that I will share, you just have to practice at home.

For those of you who want to remove a WhatsApp account when it is blocked, then you are obliged to listen to the tutorial below. It’s not easy but it’s not too difficult either

Looking back, it turns out that many users of the WhatsApp messaging application receive messages if the account is temporarily blocked.

If an unsupported application like WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, or an application that claims to be able to transfer WhatsApp chats between phones, is not the original version of WhatsApp.

Of course, many users feel restless and disappointed. Blocking occurs due to users using unauthorized or modified versions of the application

The users who are complaining about the similar issue can follow these steps as a workaround to use WhatsApp again.

You can later secure inaccessible data and chat history. however, you should note that the possibility of failure persists, given that WhatsApp does not support unofficial applications.

The Powerful Way to Get Unblocked by Whatsapp

  1. You just have to wait for the ban or block while it ends. The timer will show the length of the blocking time.
  2. In GB WhatsApp, tap More options > Chats > Backup chats.
  3. Next, you just have to open Phone Settings > click Storage > Files.
  4. Then you just have to find the GB WhatsApp folder and tap and hold it for then select it.
  5. In the upper right corner tap More > Rename and rename the folder to “WhatsApp”.
  6. Go to Play Store and download the official WhatsApp app. On WhatsApp, verify your phone number.
  7. When the screen shows for Backup data, click Restore or Restore > Next. WhatsApp has to load old backed up chats.
  8. If the previous chat history is not saved, it will be automatically transferred to the official WhatsApp app.

You can follow these steps to save a backup chat.

Go to WhatsApp > tap More options > Settings > Chats > Chat backup > backup.

Then go to the Play Store and download the WhatsApp application then verify your phone number. Then you can use and restore the data.

How? Easy isn’t it? Apart from that, it would be nice if you use the original version of Whatsapp, to avoid unwanted things.

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