Do You Know What Bitcoin Is And How To Get It?

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Do you know what Bitcoin is? And how to get these digital coins? Let’s review it together in this article, because bitcoin is currently busy, let’s just take a look below.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of crypto currency (cryptocurrency) which is used to transact virtually on the internet, without going through third parties or intermediaries such as banks. Simply put, Bitcoin is a digital version of cash whose transactions take place automatically peer-to-peer (P2P), i.e. from sender to receiver. However, every Bitcoin transaction is still recorded in a publicly distributed ledger called blockchain. Blockchain is a recording system or database widely distributed on the internet that is used to record transactions cryptocurrency.

Therefore, although it has a function as a means of payment, Bitcoin does not have a physical form like fiat currency. Bitcoin also uses cryptography to provide a variety of basic security functions. That way, this digital currency can only be used by the owner and cannot be used for more than one transaction. Not only that, Bitcoin is also not regulated and influenced by government regulations or any financial institution.

Bitcoin also doesn’t depend on one main issuer like other currencies in essence, but uses a database that is distributed and spread across the world nodes from P2P networks to transaction journals. Digesting its history, Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto which was a pseudonym and was released to the public online open source back in 2009. The first Bitcoin transaction was made by Satoshi to a programmer named Hal Finney, which amounted to 10 Bitcoins. Until 2010, Satoshi stopped developing Bitcoin and handed it over to Gavin Andersen who is currently a lead developer at the Bitcoin Foundation.

How to Get Bitcoin

How are you, interested in having Bitcoin as a digital asset with promising profits? Talking about this, there are two ways to get Bitcoin that you can do right now. First, by doing Bitcoin mining. Second, by buying it at retail Bitcoin sellers.

1. Bitcoin Mining

What is Bitcoin mining? Bitcoin mining is a Bitcoin mining activity that exists in the world by cracking complicated Bitcoin passwords. As Mimin explained earlier, every Bitcoin transaction takes place automatically peer-to-peer that is sent directly from the buyer to the seller. And every Bitcoin that is sent has a complicated password that must be cracked in the process of verifying Bitcoin transactions. At that time the miner (miners) work and get rewarded with new Bitcoins. However, to be miners Bitcoin requires a high-spec computer with hardware which cost hundreds of millions. So, don’t be surprised if the reward in the form of Bitcoin is indeed what they deserve.

2. Buy from Exchanger Official

In addition to the Bitcoin technique miningBitcoin can also be obtained by buying it directly from exchanger official or retail Bitcoin sellers. Although currently the price of Bitcoin is soaring and even touching around IDR 829 million (19/03), but you can buy Bitcoin in fractions with a starting capital of only IDR 100 thousand.