5 Best WordPress Hosting Lists For Websites

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What’s the best wordpress hosting do you think ? No need to worry, because here the author will provide a list of the best hosting services that you can use. In addition, you should also note that the hosting services that will be described below are overseas hosting, including:

1. SiteGround

SiteGround is known as one of the leading hosting services. Apart from not being acquired by Endurance International Group, it is also known for its dedicated hosting offers for certain locations. While the data centers themselves are in Europe, the US, and Singapore.

2. Dreamhost

Dreamhost is known as an officially recommended wordpress hosting service by wordpress.org. For now, Dreamhost itself has accommodated many users or about 1.5 million from sites, blogs to applications.

3. HostGator

When compared to some other hosting services, HostGator is known as the best hosting service provider in the world with a fairly cheap or affordable starter.

Not only that, it also offers tools that you can easily use to build your own website. Some of them are website builder, US based customer support, unlimited disc space and many other perks.

4. GreenGeeks

When compared to various other hosting providers, GreenGeeks is better known as a friendly provider in the industrial environment. It is even known as the commitment it has and in the evidence shown by him GreenGeeks are able to return 3 times of the power they have absorbed into the grid and become renewable energy.

This is very useful especially in reducing the carbon footprint left behind. Not only that, this one service also provides many offers, so you can make a selection according to the offers that have been given.

5. Bluehost

Talking about the biggest and oldest hosting service, of course, you can’t escape the name of this one. Bluehost is also known as an officially recommended service by WordPress. Apart from providing the best overseas domain and hosting related services, it also provides every web need you have, including from the creation process to the usage process or how to run and manage it.

If you register through this service, you will get the benefit of a free domain that is SSL certified for free and 65% of hosting costs are provided for free.

From the brief explanation above, you can see that there are many overseas hosting services available that you can easily use. More than that, some of them even provide benefits with a fairly diverse offering.

That would be a brief explanation regarding the list of the best wordpress hosting that you can use and the author will explain this time.

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