6+ Ways to Make Whatsapp Arabic Writing on Android: Latest 2022

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whatsapp arabic language

On WhatsApp, maybe you have met your friend or someone who sent messages in Arabic, even though he is Indonesian. Well, when that happens, you may be wondering how to send Arabic writing on WhatsApp.

Well this time Teknoinside will explain how to make Arabic writing on WhatsApp easily. Here we will use the help of a keyboard application to do this.

How to Make Arabic Writing on WhatsApp

how to make arabic writing on whatsapp easily

So making Arabic writing on WhatsApp is not a feature of WhatsApp but a feature of the keyboard application, so you can also send this message on other social media such as Facebook. OK, here’s the tutorial.

1. First, please download the application in the Play Store, or directly download SwiftKey Keyboard.

2. Then open SwiftKey Keyboard, then select Language.

3. After that search for Arabic and download the language. select Use Data and wait for the download process to finish.

4. If the Arabic language has been downloaded, use / activate the language by sliding the slider to the right. However, this is usually not necessary because it usually activates on its own.

5. After that open the WhatsApp application and select the friend you want to send Arabic text to. Then press and hold the words SwiftKey Keyboard until a language choice appears, please select Arabic.

6. After that your keyboard will change the letters to Arabic. Now please type whatever you want Then after that send the text.


That’s the tutorial that Teknoinside can convey about how to make Arabic writing on WhatsApp easily, hopefully it’s useful. In addition to the SwiftKey application, you can also use other keyboard applications that have the same features to make Arabic writing on WhatsApp.

In this WhatsApp, you can also make bold and italic writing on WhatsApp. So when you send a message you can express it in more diverse forms.

Please share with your friends who don’t know, if something is not clear, you can ask in the comments column, thank you.

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