Understand Three Advantages of Using VPS

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Ever heard of VPS or Virtual Private Server? For those of you who understand the world hosting and websites, this term you may have often heard. VPS itself is a physical server that is divided into several virtual server sections and each server can be installed its own OS later. If you still don’t really understand, this VPS looks like shared hosting just have resources which is quite large.

If you are still confused, is there a virtual private server in Indonesia? The answer is clear. You just need to search service which provides a good quality VPS. A quality VPS usually has good specifications, such as RAM, Public IP, CPU and so on. All these specifications must be modified according to their own needs. Then, what are the advantages of using this VPS?

1. Website performance becomes more excellent

Better website performance will affect the number of visitors on the website. If shared hosting that you are using does not meet the needs of your site, then a VPS can be an option. Choose a service hosting with resources the greater one. VPS is a more flexible solution than using dedicated hosting which is obviously more expensive.

2. Have custom resources more flexible

If you have a significant increase in the number of visitors, then your website could be experiencing problems or down. This happens because you are using capacity resources inappropriate or too small. The best solution to this problem is to use a DevOps VPS where you will find it easier to change a number of resources available such as RAM, CPU and so on. Still confused about how this system works? Imagine if your website visitors are too many and become slow, of course you need more RAM. With a DevOps VPS you can change the RAM capacity you have.

3. Can install additional software

VPS can help you install additional software on your website or application. Not all software support the service. If you have this, a VPS can be the best solution for those of you who are looking for ease of installing various files software without difficulty.

VPS does provide many benefits that can be felt by its users. VPS allows you to choose the processor used, hard disk available as needed as well as RAM that you can adjust. You just need to choose the right VPS service to get the VPS that suits your needs.

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