Proxy Server: Bridge Between Computer and Internet

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Have you ever heard the term proxy server? This one term is very familiar because it is part of your computer device. Proxy servers are also often used to simplify your activities while using computer devices. If poured into an example, this proxy server is like a bridge. So, what is a proxy server? Why do you think this one program is called a bridge? What is connected by this one program? What is the function of a proxy server? If you are curious about the answers to these questions, let’s take a look at the discussion about proxy servers below!

Get to know the Proxy Server

A proxy server refers to a program or intermediary server to separate users from the websites they visit. Therefore, this one program is called a bridge between your computer and the internet. Proxies are able to provide functionality, security, and privacy at various levels according to use cases, needs, and policies.

For those of you who use this server, traffic or internet traffic will go through a proxy on its way to the address you requested. The request will then return through the proxy as well to then forward the data. Proxies can also serve as a deterrent or deterrent to cyber attacks that enter your private network.

When a computer is connected to the internet, it uses an ip address. A proxy is basically a computer on the internet that has its own ip address. All requests to the internet go to the proxy first to evaluate the request before being forwarded back to the internet. The proxy server fills the role of the program authorized to take action on your behalf online.

Various applications on your computer can be configured for proxy applications. A browser can use an HTTP proxy to send traffic from the web. Unlike the use of a VPN, a proxy is not a program that acts as a tunnel for your computer’s network activity, but only acts as an intermediary.

How Do Proxy Servers Work?

As we explained in the article about IP addresses that every computer or other device has at least a unique IP address. Basically, a proxy server is a computer on the internet that has its own ip address. When sending a web request, it goes to a proxy server to make your web request on your behalf. Then, the proxy will collect responses from the web server which will then forward the web page data to you.

When a proxy forwards your web request, it can make changes to the data you send and still provide you with the desired information. Proxies can change the ip address, so the web server doesn’t know your exact location.

Without a proxy, your computer will interact directly with the web server. Any web that interacts with your computer can see your computer and talk to it directly. From this, it can be said that your ip address can be seen by the public.

How Do Proxies Protect Your Privacy?

Proxy servers perform firewall and filter functions. Network administrators can choose proxies designed to protect data and privacy. It checks data coming in and out of your computer and network. Then, enforce rules to prevent you from having to expose IP addresses freely.

The proxy IP address is visible to hackers or other malicious actors. Without your personal address, people on the internet have no direct access to your personal data, schedule, applications or files.

With that, the web request will be forwarded to the proxy, then reach out and get what you want from the internet. If the web server has encryption capabilities, passwords and other personal data will get extra protection.

Proxy Server Types

1. Transparent Proxy

When you use this type of proxy, the web server will accept your real ip address. The web server can also tell you that you are connecting through a proxy. In other words, there are no additional privacy or security words on this one proxy.

This is the reason why the use of transparent proxies is much loved for content filtering or caching purposes, not for security reasons. For example, proxies on corporate networks or school networks, most of which use this one transparent proxy.

2. Anonymous Proxy

Unlike transparent proxies, anonymous proxies do not forward your IP address to the websites or services you use. The website will receive a fake IP address if you use an anonymous proxy. That is why anonymous proxies are referred to as distorting proxies.

However, just like transparent proxies, anonymous proxies don’t hide the fact that you are using a proxy. Since anonymous proxies hide ip addresses, they are not a bad choice if you have a bit of a privacy problem. However, the protection provided by these proxies will likely not be as strong as a VPN.

3. High Anonymous Proxy

Consider high anonymous proxies also known as elite proxies is a step up from the usual anonymous proxies. High anonymous proxies also masquerade against the proxy users themselves. The website will not be able to detect that you are using a proxy.

Highly anonymous proxies can achieve the added protection of periodically changing IP addresses and also withholding any hints they serve as proxies on your behalf. This one proxy is the most secure type of proxy.

So, what benefits do you get if you use a proxy?

After studying some information about proxies, you must be wondering, what are the benefits that can be obtained from using a proxy? The points below are the benefits that you can get by using a proxy on your device.

1. Improve Security

A proxy can act like a firewall which can increase the security between your system and the internet. Without a proxy, hackers will easily have easy access to your IP address that can be used to infiltrate computers or networks.

2. For Companies, Proxies Can Prevent Staff From Browsing Inappropriate Sites

You can use proxies to block access to websites that are against organizational principles. In addition, you can also block sites that usually interfere with important tasks of employees such as social media.

3. Access Location-Specific Content

Want to set a proxy server associated with another country? You can do it with a proxy! Basically, with a proxy, you can do some sort of engineering to seem like you’re in that country and also get full access to all content.


What do you think about proxy servers? This program that acts as a bridge between you and the internet basically also has certain functions and benefits. You can apply a proxy to your company or business to avoid unwanted things.

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