Here are 7 Causes of Website Server Down and How to Overcome it!

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If your website suddenly cannot be accessed, don’t panic. First find out the cause of the website down and immediately make repairs. Especially, if the website is used for business purposes. Business credibility becomes doubtful and your sales performance may decline.

However, how to deal with website down? Calm. In this article, we will discuss the cause of the website server down and how to deal with it properly. Let’s see the explanation!

7+ Causes of Website Down and How to Overcome It

There are several reasons why the website cannot be accessed. This is the cause of the website down:

1. Poor Hosting Quality

One of the causes of a website down is that your hosting service does not provide optimal performance.

As is known, the server must be able to work non-stop so that the website continues to be online 24 hours. However, sometimes problems arise that cause the website server to go down. It could be because of the quality of the server, the technology used, to the less than optimal maintenance.

Ideally, a hosting service provider is able to provide uptime guarantees of up to 99.99%.

What does this high uptime mean? The server used will always be online and if there is a down, it will only last for 5 minutes within a year. So, because downtime problems don’t happen often, online credibility is also better maintained, right?

2. Traffic Flood

In addition to poor hosting, the website can go down if the traffic is booming. For example, when you are holding a sales promotion at a certain time. This condition will certainly trigger many visitors to access the website at the same time.

What will happen with the above conditions? The number of simultaneous accesses will make the server unable to handle data requests properly. Usually starts with slow access to completely inaccessible at all.

This becomes worse if the hosting service used is not as needed. So, immediately upgrade if it turns out that your website needs are increasing.

3. Troubled DNS

Another cause of the website down is the occurrence of problems with DNS. As is known, DNS is a system that facilitates internet communication by using a URL. With this system, users no longer need to remember rows of numbers as IP addresses when accessing websites.

DNS must be set up properly in order to be able to point to the right website. However, sometimes, something goes wrong. For example, you have typed in the correct address but an error message appears in the browser. Apparently, the URL redirects to another website that is not active.

If you experience this problem, you don’t need to panic. The fix, you just need to check the DNS settings in cPanel are appropriate. If you are still having problems, you can contact customer service for further assistance.

4. WordPress Constraints

Constraints on WordPress can also be the cause of the website down. There are many types of obstacles. So, you need to determine what error is being raised.

For example, if your website cannot be accessed with a 404 error, it means that there is a problem with the URL used or the DNS settings. This constraint will display a message that the website was not found. So, not always on the server side.

With the error description, it will be easier for you to know the steps to overcome the problems that occur. Well, because each type of error has its own way of dealing with it, you can learn about it through the article 40+ WordPress Errors and How to Overcome Them.

5. Hacker Attack

Another cause of the website down is due to hacker attacks. There are many hacker attacks that can disrupt websites such as malware, XSS, SQL Injection and DDoS.

The attack that is often used as the cause of the website server down is DDoS. In this action, hackers will flood the website with fake traffic so that the server is overwhelmed to serve user requests.

DDoS attacks are usually aimed at websites with low security systems. Therefore, always improve the security of your website to prevent this. If necessary, you can use security services from third parties, such as CloudFlare.

6. Power Outages

Power outage or power outage is also the cause of the website down. Because, when the data center experiences a disruption and the server dies, of course your website will also experience the impact.

Power outages are usually related to routine maintenance that must be done. If the data center has adequate power backup, server down problems can be avoided.

However, outage problems can occur unexpectedly. For example, due to a lightning strike that not only kills the server but destroys the server infrastructure, as happened to Microsoft Azure services.

This is of course unavoidable. However, you can contact customer service to find out information about the problem. Thus, you can notify visitors of the problem when the website is back to normal. This is to maintain their trust in your website.

7. Server Maintenance

Server maintenance is a routine activity of hosting service providers in an effort to maintain servers. Maintenance can be in the form of updating features to equipment (hardware) or other routine checks.

The maintenance process certainly makes website access a problem. In fact, sometimes it cannot be accessed at all for a certain time. Fortunately, most of the maintenance is done outside of peak hours. So, it does not really affect business activities.

As a website owner, you just have to wait for the ongoing maintenance process. In fact, if the hosting provider has informed the maintenance schedule, you can postpone sales promotion activities or website updates at the specified time.

8. Coding Error

Errors in coding or website code structure can be one of the causes of a website down. There could be typos or incomplete symbols. Although the cause is quite trivial, but this coding error can mess up your website as a whole.

To solve this problem, you need to know which code is the error. In WordPress you will usually get a Syntax Error notification. You’ll also get file information along with the error line of code.

So, immediately fix the error file if you have sufficient technical skills.

Find the Cause of the Website Down and Get It Right Immediately!

Well, that’s some of the causes of the website down. Turns out quite a lot, huh? Starting from bad web hosting, hacker attacks, to power outages.

You’ve also learned how to deal with website downs. Starting from ensuring server status with various tools, checking DNS settings, increasing website security to ensuring there are no problems with WordPress.

Among the existing causes, accuracy in choosing a hosting provider and the package used is very important. For this reason, consider this step carefully so that your website can be accessed online at any time and easily resolved if you experience problems.