How to Restore Deleted Files on Flashdisk and Memory Card

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The data on the flash drive and memory card is very prone to being erased or damaged.

Flashdisks that are often moved from one laptop to another can also be exposed to viruses that cause the data in them to become corrupt, there are even certain types of viruses that cause the flash drive to be formatted so that all data on it is lost.

If in the flash or memory card there are important data such as work files, documents, videos, or our valuable photos, of course we can’t just let it disappear. We have to figure out how to get the deleted data on the memory card back.

On this occasion, Teknosentrik will share tips on how to restore deleted, damaged, or formatted files on flash drives and memory cards. Check out the step-by-step explanation with the following picture.

How to Restore Deleted Files on Flashdisk and Memory Card

1. Install the data recovery application

To restore deleted or overwritten data on the flash drive, we need a recovery application. Currently there are several free recovery applications that are quite powerful, I’ve tried several of them and my recommendation is Recuva.

Download and install the latest Recuva first, the download link can be found here: Best Data Recovery Apps

2. Run the Recuva app

After the application is installed, plug the flash drive whose data has been deleted into your laptop or PC. Then run the Recuva application.

In this tutorial I will use an example of a flash drive that contains various kinds of data ranging from photos, videos, text, word, excel, pdf to program files with an exe extension.

how to restore deleted files on flash

I will delete these files. Then we will try to restore it again with the Recuva application.

3. Scan the flash disk whose data has been deleted

Do a scan on the flash. Wait until the scanning process by the Recuva application is complete. Later it will detect all the files that have been deleted and overwritten on the flash.

The method is very easy, after opening the Recuva application, replace the disk section into your flash drive. Then click scan. See the following image:

how to recover deleted data on flash

4. Select which files you want to restore

After the scan process is complete, you will see old data that has been deleted, overwritten, or formatted on our flash drive.

Then we just choose which data we want to return by checking it.

how to recover lost data on a flash drive

5. Press the Recover button to restore the deleted files on the flash drive

After all the files that you want to restore have been checked, then we just need to click the Recover button in the lower right corner and select a storage location. We recommend choosing a different file storage location from the flash, for example drive D. Wait until the recovery process is complete. Later these files will appear again on the flash.

To restore deleted files on the memory card (sd card) the method is the same, we can use this Recuva application via PC. Its success depends on how long the file has been deleted.

Usually files that have not been deleted for too long can still be restored perfectly, but if files have been deleted for a long time it will be more difficult to restore completely. The file could be damaged or corrupt.

To restore document files such as word, excel, and power point that have been overwritten or deleted, you can also do it without an application, I have shared the tips in this post:

Okay until here first my sharing this time. Hope you can help. If there are still problems that can’t be solved or you have questions, you can comment below.

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