How to Reset a Bluetooth Headset [WORK di HP, Laptop, PC]

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Most of the latest Bluetooth headsets currently have a smart controller, which functions to control remotely connected devices.

This feature is indeed very helpful, because we can more freely adjust the volume and other features by pressing the button without having to touch the mouse. If you are playing games or watching movies, you will feel very useful.

But the problem is, if it’s been used for a long time, this remote function becomes stuck and doesn’t work properly.

I often experience this, especially when using it on Windows, for some reason the volume up and down buttons often can’t be used to control the volume in Windows. The only way to fix it is to reset the system.

On this occasion I will show you how to easily reset a Bluetooth headset.

How to reset Bluetooth headset on cellphone and PC

If we buy a Bluetooth headset in a new state, usually in the box there is a manual that can be a guide. The headset that I use is a Vivan BT520 bluetooth headset which has three controller button combinations.

vivan bluetooth headset review bt520 2

Follow these steps to reset the Bluetooth headset:

1. Turn on the Bluetooth headset and enter standby mode

First, turn on the Bluetooth headset, and connect it to our device, either a cellphone or a PC. Do not turn on music or any application to put the headset in standby mode.

2. Press the volume up, volume down, and multifunction button combinations simultaneously for 4 seconds.

To reset the Bluetooth headset system, we must press the volume up, down, and multifunction button combinations simultaneously for 4 seconds. Don’t forget to plug one of the headset speakers into your ear because later there will be a sound notification.

3. Turn the Bluetooth headset off and on again

After there is a sound notification when pressing the reset button earlier, turn off the bluetooth headset and then turn it back on.

4. Reconnect the Bluetooth headset with the device

Try pairing the headset back to the device, it can be a cellphone or a PC.

5. Make sure the smart controller feature is working properly

Then try using the smart controller to reduce or increase the volume on the device. Is it working already?

How to reset a Bluetooth headset on Windows

Especially for Windows users, the reset process can be done without having to press buttons like the previous method. We can outsmart it by removing the headset from the system > pairing the headset to the cellphone > then pairing it again to Windows. I have tried this method and it works.

First remove the Bluetooth headset from Windows, how to go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth or other device

Select the Bluetooth headset and then click Remove device.

how to reset bluetooth headset easily

After that turn off the headset and then turn it back on > set the headset to pairing mode > connect it to the cellphone.

Use a Bluetooth headset on your cellphone first to listen to music for a while. Then remove from HP.

Turn off the headset then turn it back on > enter pairing mode > reconnect with Windows.

Once the Bluetooth headset is reconnected with Windows, all functions of the smart controller will work normally again. But maybe you have to turn off the handsfree telephony feature again because usually the headset sound will be small and intermittent.

Read how here: How to Overcome Bluetooth Headset Sound Delay and Dropping

After the handsfree telephony feature is turned off, usually the Blueooth headset will sound good again. But sometimes this can also be the cause of the smart controller feature not working. Yes, that’s right, it’s all wrong.

Until here first tutorial how to reset a Bluetooth headset on this occasion. I hope this helps.

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