How to Enable Bluetooth in Windows 10

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To this day, Bluetooth is still a connection that is quite often used in Windows 10. Although we can now transfer data wirelessly via the cloud or file sharing applications via wifi, Bluetooth is still very useful for connecting equipment such as Bluetooth headsets, mice, keyboards and other devices.

For those of you who use Windows 10, you may find a few problems when dealing with Bluetooth, such as delayed headset sound or even bluetooth that is missing and doesn’t work at all in Windows.

I have discussed these problems before and have given tips to overcome them.

On this occasion we will discuss the most basic thing, namely how to activate Bluetooth in Windows 10, because there are still many who do not know about this.

How to Enable Bluetooth in Windows 10

1. Make sure that your PC or laptop has Bluetooth first

If you are using a laptop, then you can check the specifications, is there Bluetooth?

For those who use an assembled PC, they must also check first, does the mobo they use have Bluetooth? Usually there are mobos that don’t have bluetooth, so we need to first add a bluetooth adapter so that bluetooth in Windows 10 can be activated.

bluetooth adapter usb dongle
Bluetooth USB adapter

2. Enter the Bluetooth settings menu

Then go to Bluetooth settings by pressing Windows key + i > Devices.

3. Enable Bluetooth in Windows

Activate Bluetooth by pressing the off button to turn on.

how to turn on bluetooth on windows 10

4. Connect device

Connect the device you want to use, such as a Bluetooth headset, joystick, or other device.

You do this by pressing the button Add Bluetooth or other device.

how to activate bluetooth on windows 10

5. Send or receive files via Bluetooth

After Bluetooth in Windows 10 is activated, we can also send or receive files from the cellphone via Bluetooth.

You do this by clicking the bluetooth icon in the tray area > select Send a File to send a file > select Receive a File to receive the file.

send and receive files via bluetooth on windows 10

Maybe before we will be asked to pair the device with a smartphone. Just follow, the steps are exactly the same as Bluetooth pairing as usual.

How to quickly connect Blueooth devices in Windows 10

Connecting devices such as smartphones, headsets, mice or Bluetooth keyboards can also be done quickly via the action center dashboard in Windows 10.

The trick is to click the notification center button in the right corner of the task bar, then look at the action center > select Connect

how to activate bluetooth device in windows 10

Wait until Windows detects our Bluetooth device, then click once to connect it.

connect bluetooth devices fast in windows 10

This method is more practical and faster than having to connect via the settings menu.

Solve some problems that often arise when using Bluetooth in Windows 10

We may experience some problems when using Bluetooth in Windows 10 such as not being able to detect new devices, the Bluetooth icon suddenly disappearing, or not being able to function at all.

To solve this problem, here are some tips that you can try:

1. Run the Bluetooth troubleshooter

The first step to be able to find out the source of the problem that causes Bluetooth in Windows 10 to be an error is to run the troubleshooter. This feature can detect errors automatically and provide recommendations for solutions.

The trick is to type troubleshooter in the Windows search bar, then select Troubleshoot Settings. Click on the Bluetooth section > Run the troubleshooter.

troubleshoot bluetooth error on windows 10

Usually Windows can detect the cause of the error and we can immediately fix it automatically. But if it is not detected by the troubleshooter then do the next step.

2. Update Bluetooth drivers

Obsolete Bluetooth drivers can also be the cause of Bluetooth problems, usually due to compatibility issues. To fix this we can update the driver.

You can do this by going to Device Manager > Expand in the Bluetooth section > right-clicking on the Bluetooth device > Update driver.

Make sure when updating our computer is connected to the internet.

3. Restart the Bluetooth service

The next step is to restart the Bluetooth service in Windows.

The trick is to press Windows key + R then type services.msc.

After entering services, you will see a lot of services in our Windows and a description of whether it is running or not.

Look for a service called Bluetooth Support Service > Restart.

restart bluetooth service

Usually the stopped Bluetooth service will cause the connected devices to not work, such as a stuck mouse or a missing Bluetooth headset sound.

4. Delete the last installed program, which may conflict with Bluetooth

Bluetooth in Windows 10 can also be an error due to clashes with other programs such as memory cleaner, antivirus, game booster or other applications that work by turning off programs running in the background.

So, if this problem appears after you have installed these programs, you can uninstall it first and then see if the Bluetooth still has an error? If not then the program is the source of the problem.

5. Change the power plan settings

If you use the Power Saver setting, try changing it to Balanced first.

This Power Saver setting can cause Bluetooth to stop working because Windows will automatically turn off idle and unnecessary services.

6. Switch USB port Bluetooth adapter

If you are using Bluetooth via a USB adapter, then try moving the port to another port first. It could be that the damaged port is causing Bluetooth not to work.

Also try to replace the USB adapter with another one, you can borrow it or buy a new one. It’s possible that what is damaged is the USB adapter.

7. Reinstall

If all the steps above do not solve the problem, then the last resort is to reinstall. Don’t forget to backup all important data on drive C before reinstalling.

Okay, here we are first sharing about how to activate bluetooth in Windows 10 and some tips to overcome the problems that most often arise. I hope this helps!

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