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All PC components require their own driver software. graphics cards, motherboards, sound cards, and network cards are examples of components that require drivers. Everything is connected between the Windows operating system and the device. Without the right drivers, your operating system cannot use the device.

Component manufacturers often issue old driver updates after components are released. This can eliminate bugs, close security holes, introduce new features, and improve performance.

If you’re responsible for updating multiple computers, you know how difficult it can be to ensure that your computer always runs the latest drivers for all your components and devices. Driver Genius 20 Platinum is a driver updater that scans your computer and notifies you if you need to download a new driver for any component or device. In our Driver Genius 20 Platinum review, we evaluated whether it’s the best driver update software for small businesses.

Genius 20 Platinum Driver Price List

Driver Genius is available in three versions. Driver Genius Free with limited time is a trial, but includes all the full software features, apart from the ability to back up drivers to a ZIP file or install EXE files automatically.

Driver Genius 20 Professional costs $22.95/year for three PCs. This is the full version of the software, but does not include the System Booster and System Cleaner tools, which are provided for Driver Genius Platinum $32.95/year.

All purchases have a 60 day money back guarantee. If you want a software update for Driver Genius, you have to pay an extra $9.90. It gives you free upgrades and updates for two years.

Driver Genius 20 Platinum Featured Features

At the heart of Driver Genius 20 Platinum is the Driver Update utility, but it also has a few other features. You can back up and restore your drivers with the Driver Backup utility. You can choose to back up all currently used drivers, genuine Windows drivers, or individual drivers, among other options.

The Driver Cleaner feature allows you to remove invalid driver packages from your system. This can help save space on your hard drive. Clean Invalid Devices can remove from registry devices that are no longer on your computer. System Transfer Assistant can be used to transfer network drivers to a new computer, ensuring that you have internet access after installing the new operating system.

Driver Genius 20 Platinum also includes three tools to optimize your PC. SSD Speeder improves the performance of your solid-state drive with the recommended settings in the registry. System Cleaner is a basic temporary file remover that you can find in many free PC cleaning tools.

Support or Support

Driver Genius has free 24/7 technical support if you pay for the software. Free Version has no technical support. Avanquest Software says they aim to reply to inquiries within 12 hours.

There is a one-page FAQ and one-page user guide on the Avanquest website. However, this is not enough to explain all the features of the software. Since the System Booster tool can make major changes to the way Windows works, there’s a danger of doing something you don’t fully understand, so more documentation here would be useful.

Final Review

Driver Genius 20 Platinum’s Driver Update, Driver Backup, Driver Restore, and Driver Cleanup tools are functionally some of the best we’ve tested, with configurable options that make them ideal for power users.

Unfortunately, the software doesn’t find as many drivers to update as some of its competitors. The System Booster tool included in the Platinum version of the product can make a nice change to how your Windows installation goes, but it’s an extra Rp. 140,000 per year for a feature you will only run once. In the end, we give Driver Genius a warm thumbs up. We hope that Avanquest Software can expand its driver library so that more outdated device drivers will be recognized.

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