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In today’s digital era, it’s very easy to see match schedules and live scores from the sports we love, just grab a gadget and open the live score application.

There are lots of live score applications that we can install on our gadgets, both those based on Android and IOS. But the question is, which one is the best with the most complete features?

On this occasion, Teknosentrik will share one of the best recommended Android applications for you, namely FlashScore Indonesia. This application is the best Live Score application with very complete features. Let’s see first what are the interesting features offered by FlashScore Indonesia.

What is FlashScore Indonesia?

FlashScore Indonesia is an application that will make it easier for you to check match schedules, match statistics, standings and others from various popular sports in the world.

Although currently there are many live score applications that users can download for free and these applications have different excellent features. But among the many existing live score applications, Flashscore ID is currently the best.

You don’t need to worry whether this application supports your mobile/device or not, because you can download the Flashscore ID application for free on the Google Play Store for Android users and on the App Store for iOS users.

Features and advantages of FlashScore ID

1. Live Score (Live Score)

Best Live Score App FlashScore Indonesia 1

The live score feature is a must-have feature for a live score application. With this feature, you as a FlashScore ID user can see live scores of all matches in each competition from the sport selected by the user.

For example, the user selects the sport of Football, then the user will be shown live scores from matches in the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, etc. competitions.

In addition, there are dozens of other popular sports in the world that you can choose from, including:

  • Ordinary Volleyball / Beach
  • Basketball
  • cricket
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • MMA
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Horse racing
  • Motor Sport (Moto GP, F1, WRC)
  • And much more

So you don’t have to worry about missing the live score update even when you’re on the go. Just open the application, you can check the score of the sport you like.

2. Match Schedule

Best Live Score Application FlashScore Indonesia 2

In this feature, users can see the match schedule of a competition from the sport they are interested in, whether it’s the match schedule for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The limit of the schedule that can be displayed is 7 days before and after today, the day on which the schedule is displayed.

In addition, you can add your favorite club/team schedule to your “My Team” list. The method is quite easy, you just click the star icon to the left of the team that will compete, it will automatically enter the “My Team” list.

3. Favorite Matches and Teams

Best Live Score Application FlashScore Indonesia 3

As I explained in the previous point, this feature is one of the excellent features of FlashScore ID, where users can follow the progress of a match.

By selecting a favorite match, users will receive notifications about the course of the match, such as goals, fouls, changes to half, etc.

In addition, users can also determine their favorite team to get the match schedule from that team. This feature can also be synced with user accounts used on different devices, including PCs, tablets, etc.

4. Match Details

Best Live Score Application FlashScore Indonesia 4

FlashScore ID also provides users with information such as details of ongoing or completed matches. Through match details, users can see a summary of the match, including when goals were scored, goals scored, yellow cards, red cards, etc.

The user can also view the statistics of the match. In addition, several additional menus that display statistics are also displayed, such as:

  • Line Up
  • Live comment
  • Head to head from both teams playing
  • News related to the team that will compete
  • And much more

5. Standings

Best Live Score Application FlashScore Indonesia 5

FlashScore ID also has a standings feature to display the rankings of sports teams in each competition. In addition, for the sport of Football, users are also shown the top scorer of a competition. There are also home and away game statistics of a team.

You just have to tap the “Cup (Standings)” icon in the lower right corner, then select the type of sport and league from which. Then the standings will be displayed up to date.

Of course, one of these features is very useful for those of you who want to always update your favorite league standings. And for social media and news admins, it’s easier to take complete and up-to-date data references and statistics from the current Best Live Score application, Flashscore ID.

Another feature, is a very simple search feature, just tap the search icon in the upper right corner of the application and enter the keywords you want.

You can type in the specific name of the club you want to join as well as the name of the competition or league. It doesn’t stop there. This search feature can also use voice, isn’t it practical?

Advantages of FlashScore ID

FlashScore ID has several distinct advantages that make it one of the best live score applications today. One of them is the coverage of competitions and matches from the various sports offered.

Currently FlashScore ID offers live scores and fixtures of over 30 sports and 5000+ sporting competitions worldwide, of which for Football alone, there are over 1000 competitions listed. However, coverage alone is not enough. FlashScore ID offers live score updates and fixtures quickly and accurately.

In addition, FlashScore ID also has a dynamic application design that makes it easier for users to navigate within the application. In other words, accessing live scores, match schedules or other features is very easy to do.

Another advantage that FlashScore ID has is support for the Indonesian language, as well as coverage for matches from ongoing sports in Indonesia.

For example, for the soccer branch, FlashScore ID already covers several competitions in Indonesia, such as Liga 1, Liga 2, President’s Cup and even the newest one is Shopee Liga 1 Indonesia 2019. For information, this availability is not widely available by other live score applications.

The FlashScore ID application is provided free of charge, where Android users can download it via the Google Play Store, and iOS users via the App Store.

And to follow the latest updates regarding feature updates and others, you can follow the official Twitter account, namely at @FlashScore ID or our new account on Instagram at flashscore.co.id.

That’s all I can share about FlashScore Indonesia, the livescore application specifically for Indonesian sports lovers. Hopefully this information is useful for those of you who really need the best live score application on Android or IOS.

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