3 Ways to Change the Complete Zoom Background, from Computer to HP!

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How to change the Zoom background even though it looks easy, but not a few users feel confused. This is because the location of the options is quite hidden. Both when using a computer or laptop or using a cellphone. In order not to be confused anymore, Doran Gadget has summarized how to easily change this Zoom background and make online meetings or classes more interesting. How and what are the steps? Check out this article, Friend Doran!

How to Change Background Zoom on Computers and Laptops

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Changing the Zoom background is usually done just before starting a meeting or online class session. The way you can do it doesn’t take long to replace it. Here’s what needs to be done:

  • Select and open Zoom on your computer or laptop.
  • Then, press the settings icon or ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the profile photo.
  • On the left, you can select ‘Virtual Background’ and check the words ‘I Have a Green Screen’.
  • Continue by selecting a background image or video. To do this, press the + button that appears in the ‘add video’ or ‘add photo’ options.
  • Wait a few moments, the background will change according to your choice on the screen display.

Changing the Zoom Background During a Meeting

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Sometimes you as a meeting participant forget to change the old background, even though the new meeting requires a different background. Don’t worry, you can still do it at the meeting, Buddy Doran. The steps are also fairly easy to do on a computer or laptop as follows:

  • Pay attention to the menu at the bottom during the meeting, there will appear an icon to stop the video.
  • Continue by simultaneously clicking the icon with the up arrow located on the stop video icon
  • After that, select the option that says ‘Choose Virtual Background’ and replace it with the background you want.

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How to Change Background Zoom on HP

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How about using Zoom via HP? No need to worry, because Zoom also offers excellent features on smartphones. Both with Android and iOS operating systems. With a note, your cellphone supports virtual backgrounds. For that, you can check it in the following way:

  • Log in to the Zoom web here and log in using your active Zoom account.
  • On the main page, go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘In Meeting (Advanced)’ when clicked, simultaneously appears ‘Virtual Background’.
  • If it appears, then you can change the Zoom background on the cellphone.

Well, next you can replace the background on the cellphone with the following steps:

  • Open Zoom on HP both Android and iOS.
  • Click on the ‘More’ button or the three-dot icon and continue by selecting ‘Virtual Background’ on an Android phone or ‘Background and Filters’ on a cellphone with an iOS operating system.
  • Then, you can choose the background available by Zoom.
  • If you want to change another background, upload it from the gallery by clicking the ‘+’ icon at the top of the gallery.
  • Or you want to blur the background by selecting the ‘Blur’ option.
  • After that, you can click the ‘Close’ button in the lower right corner and close the ‘Virtual Background’ page.

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How about Friend Doran, it’s quite easy not to replace background This zoom? It’s time for you to try it now with a variety of cool and unique backgrounds according to the character. Don’t forget to support online activities, use gadget and computer accessories from the best brands such as JETE Indonesia and Logitech.

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Good luck!

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